My name is Matthew Campsteyn and I'm a product designer. In 2016 I graduated (cum laude) as master in Product design at the LUCA School of Arts in Genk, BE.

During my studies, I did multiple design projects and workshops, often with various partners like Stoll Giroflex AG, Stad Genk, ... etc. These design projects forced me to get out of my comfort zone and use up-to-date design techniques, like co-creation and participatory design. My master studies started with a 6 month internship at one of Europe's leading design agencies, VanBerlo in Eindhoven, NL. During my internship, I collaborated with highly-skilled product designers and engineers to design world-class products. I participated in activities like brainstorm sessions, client meetings, making 2D presentation drawings, 3D CAD renderings, ... etc. I also got in touch with the branding of products. 

My first work experience, design consultant for USG Professionals at Robert Bosch in Tienen, taught me a lot about designing for an international company. Topics like technical design of plastic components, design for mass manufacturing, visual branding of wiper blades and conceptual thinking were the main tasks of the job. During my time at Robert Bosch, I regularly participated workshops/brainstorms with the marketing department and design agencies like Teams Design. My specialty was transforming technical, plastic components into aesthetically pleasing designs. 

Currently, I'm working at Comate Engineering & Design as a project engineer / designer. As part of the product development department, I'm designing consumer and medical products from A to Z.

For me, product design is about creating useful, innovative products for end-users, with an eye for the ecological impact. This means creating a coalescence between functionality, technology, aesthetics and the social/environmental context. I also believe a creative design process is essential to create innovative products. Thereby, creating an individual design process is as important as the final product.

People often describe me as an ambitious and passionated person, especially when I'm talking about product design. Product design intrigues me because the never ending challenge. Humanity and technology keeps evolving. It stimulates my studious, competing character. I would describe myself also as a flexible person. Designing products is often handling with unforeseen situations, which need creative solutions. About my working methods, I'm a team player, but also can work independently. Honesty and responsability are qualities I value high. 

When I'm not designing, I mostly enjoy exploring new areas. I love citytrips and doing cultural activities like visiting musea or exhibitions. On the other hand, I have a passion for sports. You can often find me playing table tennis or see me on the road with my bicycle. My competing character is visible when I go go-carting with friends... what can I say... I was born with a need for speed! :-)


Interested in the story behind my choice to study Product design? Be sure to read my interview in the Belgian newspaper 'De Zondag'!